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SPARK-1178: missing document of spark.scheduler.revive.interval

The configuration on spark.scheduler.revive.interval is undocumented but actually used

Author: CodingCat <>

Closes #74 from CodingCat/SPARK-1178 and squashes the following commits:

783ec69 [CodingCat] missing document of spark.scheduler.revive.interval
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1 parent 2d8e0a0 commit 1865dd681bcb38f8f197b559d1bae3a3771a74e0 @CodingCat CodingCat committed with rxin Mar 4, 2014
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@@ -202,6 +202,13 @@ Apart from these, the following properties are also available, and may be useful
+ <td>spark.scheduler.revive.interval</td>
+ <td>1000</td>
+ <td>
+ The interval length for the scheduler to revive the worker resource offers to run tasks. (in milliseconds)
+ </td>

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