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The goal of this project is to provide everything you need to know to build your own eXtreme Feedback Device (XFD) at a reasonable cost (round about 10 Euros).

pic18f13k50 based device

See one in action: 20 s video of this controller working in a 3d printed traffic light model (published on thingiverse).

The device here is based on a PIC18F13K50 micro controller from Microchip and a traffic light gadget Pearl Traffic Light.

And as this project is all about CI, here is the build state of this project: Build Status.

More Prototypes.


The schematic of the device is quite simple: schematic

Printed Circuit Board

I made a layout for a pcb, but I didn't use it myself up to now. Fabricating a pcb seemed to much effort for the simple layout, so I still use a stripboard.

Bill of Materials

A list of parts used in the schematic is generated as hardware/ Additionally you will need a piece of stripboard, three LEDs (red, yellow and green) as output device or something similar (see above) a case and an USB cable. Optionally you can add a socket for the PIC if you prefer to not solder it directly.

You can find part numbers and prices (Jul/2012) from Reichelt in the file prices.gnumeric.

Binary Downloads

The snapshot builds run on CloudBees Built on CloudBees