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parametric geometry generated from wushu
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Parametric geometry generated from wushu movements. A full demo of the various geometry generations can be found here.


Visualizations generated using WeMOS D1 mini with IMU/Accelerometer and Processing code. Based on Cedric Honnet's ITP Camp workshop on wireless sensors.

WeMos board with cellphone battery


Visualization generated using PoseNet via ml5.js.


Geometry made using randomly generated forms, in attempt to create a new formal language of occupiable space based around the intent/spirit of martial arts movements.

Form pieces were first generated in 3DS Max, then stitched and manipulated in Rhino 3D.

Technical References

Cedric Honnet's 2018 ITP Camp workshop on wireless sensors was so incredibly helpful to this project that it deserves a second mention in this readme.

MPU6050 Arduino IDE function/method reference:

PoseNet via ml5.js:

Useful reference on OBJ files:

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