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Core plugin support
import logging
from pkg_resources import working_set, Environment, iter_entry_points, \
get_distribution, find_distributions, \
DistributionNotFound, VersionConflict
LOGGER = logging.getLogger(__name__)
plugin_directories = []
class PluginLoadError(Exception):
def add_plugin_dir(plugin_dir):
LOGGER.debug("Adding plugin directory: %r", plugin_dir)
env = Environment([plugin_dir])
dists, errors = working_set.find_plugins(env)
for dist in dists:
LOGGER.debug("Adding distribution: %r", dist)
if errors:
for dist, error in errors.items():
errmsg = None
if isinstance(error, DistributionNotFound):
req, = error.args
errmsg = "%r not found" % req.project_name
elif isinstance(error, VersionConflict):
dist, req = error.args
errmsg = "Version Conflict. Requested %s Found %s" % (req, dist)
# FIXME: Are there other types of failures?
errmsg = repr(error)
LOGGER.error("Failed to load %s: %r", dist, errmsg)
global plugin_directories
def load_first_entrypoint(group, name=None):
load the first entrypoint in any distribution
matching group and name
for ep in iter_entry_points(group, name):
return ep.load()
except DistributionNotFound, e:
raise PluginLoadError("Could not find dependency '%s'" % e)
except ImportError, e:
raise PluginLoadError(e)
raise PluginLoadError("'%s' not found" % '.'.join((group, name)))
def load_backup_plugin(name):
return load_first_entrypoint('holland.backup', name)
def load_restore_plugin(name):
return load_first_entry_point('holland.restore', name)
def get_commands():
cmds = {}
for ep in iter_entry_points('holland.commands'):
cmdcls = ep.load()
except Exception, e:
LOGGER.warning("Skipping command plugin %s: %s",, e)
cmds[] = cmdcls
for alias in cmdcls.aliases:
cmds[alias] = cmdcls
return cmds
def iter_plugins(group, name=None):
Iterate over all unique distributions defining
entrypoints with the given group and name
for ep in working_set.iter_entry_points(group, name):
yield, dist_metainfo_dict(ep.dist)
def dist_metainfo_dict(dist):
"""Convert an Egg's PKG-INFO into a dict"""
from rfc822 import Message
from cStringIO import StringIO
distmetadata = dist.get_metadata('PKG-INFO')
msg = Message(StringIO(distmetadata))
return dict(msg.items())
def iter_plugininfo():
Iterate over the plugins loaded so far
from rfc822 import Message
from cStringIO import StringIO
global plugin_directories
for plugin_dir in plugin_directories:
for dist in find_distributions(plugin_dir):
distmetadata = dist.get_metadata('PKG-INFO')
msg = Message(StringIO(distmetadata))
filtered_keys = ['metadata-version', 'home-page', 'platform']
distinfo = filter(lambda x: x[0] not in filtered_keys, msg.items())
yield dist, dict(distinfo)