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ActionSmser == SMS && ActionMailer. Simple way to use SMS (Short Message Service) in the same way as ActionMailer. Includes also delivery reports and easy way to add custom gateways. See examples below.



Gemfile ->

gem 'action_smser'

# To use delivery reports
bundle exec rake railties:install:migrations
rake db:migrate

SMS sending basic


in /config/initializers/active_smser.rb

if Rails.env.development? || Rails.env.production?

  ActionSmser.delivery_options[:delivery_method] = :simple_http
  ActionSmser.delivery_options[:simple_http] = {
      :server => 'server_to_use', :username => 'username', :password => 'password',
      :use_ssl => true

  # ActionSmser.delivery_options[:save_delivery_reports] = true

Mailer classes

in /app/mailers/test_sms.rb

class TestSms < ActionSmser::Base
  def hello_user(to, from, user)
    str = "Hello #{user}."
    sms(:to => to, :from => from, :body => str)

Sending sms

E.g. from console or controller

sms = TestSms.hello_user('358407573855', '358407573855', "Olli")

Delivery methods

Optional delivery methods can be used by creating classes under "ActionSmser::DeliveryMethods" and referring them as downcase infos. See example of :simple_http at

Simplest case is to use simple_http and override path

# Example of changing simple_http delivery path. Options are the same options that were presented above.

module ActionSmser::DeliveryMethods
  class SimpleHttp
    def self.deliver_path(sms, options)

Nexmo ( is supported also.

  ActionSmser.delivery_options[:delivery_method] = :nexmo
  ActionSmser.delivery_options[:nexmo] = {
      :username => 'key', :password => "password"

  # set callback url to nexmo http://localhost:3000/action_smser/delivery_reports/gateway_commit/nexmo
  ActionSmser.delivery_options[:gateway_commit]['nexmo'] = ActionSmser::DeliveryMethods::Nexmo

DelayedJob (

  # Sending can often take couple seconds and you might want to do it in the background so that user gets instant feedback.
  # Need DelayedJob > 3.0.0 in your gemfile. Set the real delivery_method through delivery_options[:delayed_job]

  ActionSmser.delivery_options[:delayed_job] = { :delivery_method => :patidure, :priority => 0 }

If you add other common gateways to this framework, plz generate tests and send us a patch.

Delivery reports

Gem handles collecting and analysing of delivery reports. This enables you to make sure that your gateway works.

Delivery reports and a summary can be seen at http://localhost.inv:3000/action_smser/delivery_reports/ . Summary includes info about the amount of sent sms, delivery times, types of sms, etc.

Parsers and access infos can be implemented by creating a class with admin_access and process_delivery_report methods. See example below.

in /config/initializers/active_smser.rb

ActionSmser.delivery_options[:save_delivery_reports] = true

class ActionSmserConfigExample
  # This returns true if we can show delivery reports page, return true if always permissed
  def self.admin_access(controller)
    if controller.session[:admin_logged].blank?
      return controller.session[:admin_logged]
      return true

  # This has to return array of hashes. In hash msg_id is the key and other params are updated to db
  def self.process_delivery_report(request)
    params = request.params
    processable_array = []
    if params["DeliveryReport"] && params["DeliveryReport"]["message"]
      reports = params["DeliveryReport"]["message"]
      reports = [reports] unless reports.is_a?(Array)

      reports.each do |report|
        processable_array << {'msg_id' => report['id'], 'status' => report['status']}

    return processable_array

# This is simple proc that is used in a before filter, if it returns true it allows access to
# http://localhost.inv:3000/action_smser/delivery_reports/ with infos about delivery reports
ActionSmser.delivery_options[:admin_access] = ActionSmserConfigExample

# Parser is used with urls like
# /action_smser/delivery_reports/gateway_commit/test_gateway
# where 'test_gateway' is the part that is used for locating right parser.
ActionSmser.delivery_options[:gateway_commit]['test_gateway'] = ActionSmserConfigExample

DeliveryReports can be searched by "dr = ::ActionSmser::DeliveryReport.where(xxx).first". Some helpers in delivery_reports include

  • dr.to_sms => creates new sms message from deliveryreport.
  • dr.resent(:gateway) => creates new sms and sends it through given gateway.

Other options

Observers can be used by implementing "delivery_observer" in your sms class

class TestSms < ActionSmser::Base
  def hello_user(to, from, user)
    str = "Hello #{user}."
    sms(:to => to, :from => from, :body => str)

  def before_delivery()
    puts "Called just before delivery"

  def after_delivery(response_from_delivery_method)
    puts "Done with delivery"

Gateway committed status updates can also have observers

in /config/initializers/active_smser.rb

class ActionSmserConfigGatewayObserver
  def self.after_gateway_commit(delivery_reports)
    puts delivery_reports.inspect



Default delivery method is "test_array". It saves delivered sms to ActionSmser::DeliveryMethods::TestArray.deliveries to help test your own software. Its normal array, see sms by 'ActionSmser::DeliveryMethods::TestArray.deliveries' and clear it between tests by 'ActionSmser::DeliveryMethods::TestArray.deliveries.clear'

E.g. in functional tests

test "should send right msg" do
  get :send_invite, :user_id => 1

  assert_equal 1, ActionSmser::DeliveryMethods::TestArray.deliveries.size
  assert_equal "UserSms.sent_invite", ActionSmser::DeliveryMethods::TestArray.deliveries.first.sms_type


Submit suggestions or feature requests as a GitHub Issue or Pull Request. Remember to update tests. Tests are quite extensive.

Check travis for what environments are supported!/holli/action_smser

Similar gems

There are many gems to use custom gateways but none of them had a possibility to create classes like smser. Also these don't have delivery reporting.


This project rocks and uses MIT-LICENSE. (