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Scalable framework for P2P distributed apps. For all those projects you wish you could take from centralized web servers but you know can't scale on blockchain.


  1. holochain Public

    The new, performant, and simplified version of Holochain on Rust (sometimes called Holochain RSM for Refactored State Model)

    Rust 614 86

  2. Tutorial on how to build hApp DNAs for Holochain RSM

    TypeScript 40 20

  3. A JavaScript client for the Holochain Conductor API

    TypeScript 23 6

  4. The Cryptographic Autonomy License is a new breed of open license that protects not just the app developers and users of the source code but also end user privacy and control of identity and data.

    52 4

  5. A chat DNA for Holochain RSM

    TypeScript 22 8

  6. A Vue.js + Vuetify + Vuex web app for Elemental Chat DNA.

    JavaScript 11 11