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Scalable P2P alternative to blockchain for all those distributed apps you always wanted to build

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  1. The core Holochain framework written in rust, a container API for running it (with rust and node implementations), and hdk-rust library for writing Zomes

    Rust 865 269

  2. RPC WebSocket client for Holochain web UIs

    JavaScript 21 4

  3. The Cryptographic Autonomy License is a new breed of open license that protects not just the app developers and users of the source code but also end user privacy and control of identity and data.

    23 2

  4. The hosted static files for the Holochain developer documentation

    HTML 7 13

  5. A barebones chat hApp for learning and testing

    JavaScript 3 1

  6. A complete end-user deployment of a Holochain conductor with UI for administration and a run-time for hApp UIs

    HTML 21 6

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