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HAP-NodeJS is an implementation of the HomeKit Accessory Server as specified in the HomeKit Accessory Protocol (HAP), which is defined by Apple as part of the HomeKit Framework. It is written in Typescript and compiled to Javascript to be run using Node.js.

HAP-NodeJS is intended to be used as a library to easily implement your own HomeKit Accessory. It does not provide any implementation for any popular devices out there.
If you are searching for a pluggable HomeKit bridge with over a thousand community driven plugins to bring HomeKit support to devices which do not support HomeKit out of the box, you may want to look at the homebridge project (which also uses HAP-NodeJS internally).

If you are still here below are some resources to get you started with developing your first own HomeKit accessory.

HAP-NodeJS wiki pages are currently in the process of being rewritten and fully updated. All pages containing invalid and old information got deleted. Thanks for your patience.

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