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A Concourse CI resource to mark a deploy in New Relic
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New Relic Deploy Resource

Marks a deployment in New Relic.

Resource Type Configuration

- name: newrelic-deploy-resource
  type: docker-image
    repository: crstamps2/newrelic-deploy-resource
    tag: latest

Source Configuration

  • api_key: Required. The API key provided by New Relic.
  • app_id: Required. The ID of your app provided by New Relic. This can be usually found in the URL of your app's main monitoring page.
- name: new-relic
  type: newrelic-deploy-resource
    api_key: "key"
    app_id: "id"


out: Marks a deploy in New Relic.

Marks a deploy in New Relic, with the configured parameters.


  • json_file: Required. A file with the following template:
  "revision":"v1.0", #required
  "changelog":"logs go here", #optional
  "description":"a short description" #optional
  • user: Optional. The user who is marking the deployment
- name: Mark Deploy in New Relic
  max_in_flight: 1
  - put: new-relic
      json_file: /tmp/build/put/path/to/file.json
      user: yoursTruly

*Please note that the path to your json file must be prepended with /tmp/build/put/

See the official documentation for a complete list of available metadata.

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