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simple rich text display for iOS using html-like markups
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Rich text formatting based on HTML-like markups for iOS.

RTLabel works like UILabel, but supports html-like markups for rich text display. It is based on Core Text, so it supports some of the stuff that Core Text supports


  • bold and italic style
  • color and size
  • stroke
  • indenting
  • kerning
  • line spacing
  • clickable links


  1. Drag RTLabel.h and RTLabel.m into your project. Import CoreText framework

    #import "RTLabel.h"

  2. Create RTLabel

    NSString *sample_text = @"bold,italic and underlined text, and text with custom font and color";

    RTLabel *label = [[RTLabel alloc] initWithFrame:...]; [self addSubview:label]; [label setText:sample_text];

  3. Supports the following tags

    Bold Italic Bold & Italic underline, underline with color link double underline , double underline with color custom font custom font with strokes custom font with kerning



Minimum Requirements

  • ARC - this project uses ARC. If you are not using ARC in your project, add '-fobjc-arc' as a compiler flag for StyledPageControl.h and StyledPageControl.m
  • Xcode 4.4 and newer (auto-synthesis required)


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