Automatic Honeycomb instrumentation for node.js applications
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toshok include deterministic sampler sampleRate with events (#98)
If we have a deterministic sampler configured, include its sample rate with events that we send.  also switch to using `sendPresampled` for events, instead of `send`.

fixes #95
Latest commit 3698242 Nov 8, 2018

Honeycomb Beeline for NodeJS

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This package makes it easy to instrument your Express/NodeJS application to send useful events to Honeycomb, a service for debugging your software in production.


  • Node 8+ - relies on Node 8's async_hooks


Features, bug fixes and other changes to beeline-nodejs are gladly accepted. Please open issues or a pull request with your change. Remember to add your name to the CONTRIBUTORS file!

All contributions will be released under the Apache License 2.0.