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The HONG. A DO contract

The contract is based on the white paper of, and the collaborative works from community, to create and manage a blockchain-based fund across borders. Some legal and finance related details will be bonded not only in these contracts, but also bounded to ground jurisdiction linking to the management firm.

About the HONG

Code Structure

Code Structure

Flux of the money in the HONG

Flux of the money in the HONG

Our Wiki page: Money flux in the HONG contract has a detailed explanation of the flux of the fund.

More details

More details is available at our Wiki page.

How to contribute to the HONG?

For non-developers

That's easy! Participate in our bounty program to receive free coins.

For Developers

Fork this repo and submit a pull request! We value your comment and effort spent to make the HONG more reliable and secure.

Join our Slack channel to get the latest progress. We appreciate your contribution and award you the HONG tokens with our bounty program!

More about Us

Are you a robot?

We are Man + Machine. :)

Contact Us

Join our Slack channel to receive the latest updates from us! You can also reach us with the following channels:

Our site:



Medium: @hongcoin


Twitter: @hongcoins


Welcome new ideas to help advocate the HONG concept and facilitate discussions. Your ideas will be rewarded as well.