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Changes the biome distribution of the world to create an ocean with islands.

Savanna _ Plains _ Mesa

Extreme Hills _ Desert _ Cold Taiga



Read the installation page.


Read the configuration page.


IslandCraft currently has no commands. However, some older releases did. See the links in the Releases section above.

Plugin Developers Guide to the IslandCraft API

If you're a plugin developer, you can make your own generators. Check out the guide here.

What happened to the other features?

While in alpha, IslandCraft included some chat and other miscellaneous features. These have all been removed as there are other plugins you can use for this purpose. Going forward, IslandCraft will have a much narrower feature set focusing on just the islands.

The RealEstate features (including Vault, WorldGuard and Dynmap integration) will be making a return in a new separate plugin. Separating these from the terrain generation provides a number of benefits. It helps me to keep them on separate release cycles, so I can release updates for the terrain generation very quickly as new versions come out. It has forced me to create an API so the plugins can cooperate, this will also allow others to make plugins which integrate with IslandCraft.

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