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It is open source ebook about TensorFlow kernel and implementation mechanism.

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TensorFlow Internals.

It is open source ebook about TensorFlow kernel and implementation mechanism, including programming model, computation graph, distributed training for machine learning.


You can obtain full latex source files of TensorFlow Internals from

Install TeX distribution

You should install full texlive packages.

  • Ubuntu
$ sudo apt-get install texlive-full
  • MacOS

Download MacTeX.pkg, and install it.

  • Windows

Download TeX Live, and install it (see insruction).

Install Missing Fonts

Then you should install some missing chinese fonts. Please download missing fonts from Gitlab.

$ git clone

Then install all missing fonts.

  • Ubuntu
$ sudo cp fonts/* /usr/local/share/fonts
$ sudo fc-cache
  • MacOS

Import all missing fonts into fontbook, then cache all fonts.

$ sudo fc-cache
  • Windows

Copy the all missing fonts into C:/WINDOWS/Fonts, then cache all fonts.

$ fc-cache


$ make

if you happen to Error begin with ?, then press R(not r) and Enter to continue.

Preview PDF

  • Mac OSX
$ open output/tensorflow-internals.pdf
  • Ubuntu
$ okular output/tensorflow-internals.pdf

if no okular installed, please install it.

$ sudo apt-get install okular
  • Windows

open the file from directory tensorflow-internals/output.


MIT License