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Gorse is an RSS reader. You provide it with RSS feeds to monitor, and its poller program, gorsepoll, pulls the contents of the feed into a database. Gorse itself provides an interface to view and read the feeds.

It can work with feeds in RSS, RDF, and Atom formats.



A web frontend to a database of feeds and their items/entries.


This is an RSS poller. It takes feeds to poll from a database, and populates the database with the items it finds.

It should be run periodically, such as through cron.

It tracks when it last updated a feed, and will not try it again until a period elapsed. It considers a feed updated when it successfully fetches and parses a feed.


To set up the database:

createuser -D -E -P -R -S gorse
createdb -E UTF8 -l en_CA.UTF-8 -O gorse gorse
cat schema.sql upgrade*.sql > install.sql
psql < install.sql

Then you have to set up feeds. Currently this can only be done through inserts to the rss_feed table.