A program to easily update iptables rules. It can act as a daemon to keep rules up to date.
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This repository provides programs to simplify managing iptables rules.


iptables-manage reads the IPs (as CIDRs) from a file and updates iptables rules to allow them access to particular ports. It adds IPs that are not present, and removes any that are in the rules but not in the file.

It can run in two modes:

  1. One-off in which it updates the rules once and exits
  2. As a daemon. It watches for changes to the IP file and updates the rules each time the file changes.

I use the daemon to dynamically whitelist IPs, such as with sshrecordips.


dnsrule looks up the IPs associated with a hostname and ensures the IPs are allowed access to given ports. It removes any IPs that are allowed access to the ports but are not associated with the hostname.

I run this from cron on hosts where I want to allow only access from a dynamic IP host.


Why? I keep my httpd firewalled from all hosts except those I whitelist.

I want to work on a list of IPs (adding and removing to that list as necessary) and then sync the rules. Doing this with iptables alone is tedious, so I use iptables-manage.

I expect there are existing tools to do this kind of thing, but given it is really only one command (iptables -A), I prefer to write something simple myself.