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Business logic validation library
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NValidate Build Status

Danger: rough draft ahead.

NValidate is a library for business logic validation. Validation, in this context, is a little bit like testing. But instead of trying to predict how the system will behave, it checks that the system has behaved in a certain way. It's useful for applications with complex and distributed business logic, to try to assert the simple truths underneath.

Consider a scientific bookstore management application. Your entities are books and authors. A book can have multiple authors, and an author can have multiple books. A simple constraint is that a book must have a title of more than 2 characters. A more sophisticated constraint is that each book must have some authors and each author must have some books. A validator for these would look like:

public class BookstoreFixture

    public void BookHasLongTitle(CheckRecorder record, Book book)
        record.That(book.Title, Has.Length.GreaterThan(2));

    public void BookHasAnAuthor(CheckRecorder record, Book book, IEnumerable<BookAndAuthor> booksAndAuthors) {
        // booksAndAuthors is what you get by just reading in memory a many-to-many table.
        var firstAuthor = booksAndAuthors.FirstOrDefault(ba => ba.BookId = book.Id);
        record.That(firstAuthor, Is.Not.Null);

    public void AuthorHasABook(CheckRecorder record, Author author, IEnumerable<BookAndAuthor> booksAndAuthors) {
        var firstBook = booksAndAuthors.FirstOrDefault(ba => ba.AuthorId = author.Id);
        record.That(firstBook, Is.Not.Null);
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