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Horizon EDA

Horizon EDA is an Electronic Design Automation package supporting an integrated end-to-end workflow for printed circuit board design including parts management and schematic entry.

See the docs for an overview of horizon's top features.

Wanna chat about the project? Join #horizon-eda on


Features for users so far

  • Complete design flow from schematic entry to gerber export
  • Sane library management
  • Unified editor for everything from symbol to board
  • Netlist-aware schematic editor
  • KiCad's awesome interactive router
  • Lag- and glitch-free rendering
  • Rule-based DRC
  • Hierarchical schematics
  • Undo/redo
  • Copy/paste for some objects
  • Builds and runs on Linux and Windows

Features for developers

  • Written in modern C++, legacy-free codebase!
  • Uses JSON as on-disk format
  • Uses Gtkmm3 for GUI
  • OpenGL 3 accelerated rendering
  • Everything is referenced by UUIDs

Getting Started

See the the docs. Debian packages are hosted by packagecloud.

Included third-party software

Directory in 3rd_party Project Version URL License
nlohmann JSON for Modern C++ 3.10.3 MIT
clipper Clipper 6.4.2 Boost
polypartition polypartition 7bdffb428b2b19ad1c43aa44c714dcc104177e84 MIT
poly2tri poly2tri d949f3cd6f85b20728af0bdc454b090226068c73 3-Clause BSD
dxflib dxflib 3.17.0 GPLv2
alphanum The Alphanum Algorithm 1.3 MIT
delaunator Delaunator C++ 6f2879967bc96a9bcdbacf418e560e9f2e170ace MIT
footag footag 99116328abe8f53e71831b446d35e93ee7128ef3 GPLv3
libzippp libzip++ ba9aec43f7760c3384bbe36f9a5454912f61307a ISC
router KiCad router 5.1.6 GPLv3
sexpr KiCad s-expression parser 5.1.6 GPLv3