HornetQ is an open source project to build a multi-protocol, embeddable, very high performance, clustered, asynchronous messaging system.
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Disabling master as a branch



If you need information about the HornetQ project please go to



This file describes some minimum 'stuff one needs to know' to get started coding in this project.


The project's source code is hosted at:


Git usage:

Pull requests should be merged without fast forwards '--no-ff'. An easy way to achieve that is to use

% git config branch.master.mergeoptions --no-ff


HornetQ is now in maintenance mode. the master / upstream for hornetq is now ActiveMQ Artemis

  • 2.3.x is the branch used for EAP.
  • 2.4.x was the branch used on Wildfly up until recently, Wildfly also moved to Artemis on newer releases
  • master has been discontinued