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HK Vision - Muzei Plugin

Muzei wallpaper source plugin for site.


I wrote a quick article behind creating this plugin. Read more about it at

How to use

First, install the Muzei Live Wallpaper Android app from Google Play store.

Next, install Vision Muzei Plugin app from Google Play.

Google Play 646x250

Once installed, go back to Muzei app, then the source should show up. Choose the wallpaper you like for your phone. Enjoy.

NOTE: By default, the walpaper changes every 3 hours, you may want to change it to you liking. For example every day :-)


Dev Note

To build and install locally, use following command:

adb uninstall && \
./gradlew clean assembleDebug && \
adb install app/build/outputs/apk/debug/app-debug.apk 

New Release

./gradlew bundleRelease

Make sure you have and upload-keystore.jks available in the project.