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tap-procore is a Singer tap for procore.

Build with the Singer SDK.


  • Developer TODO: Update the below as needed to correctly describe the install procedure. For instance, if you do not have a PyPi repo, or if you want users to directly install from your git repo, you can modify this step as appropriate.
pipx install tap-procore


Accepted Config Options

  • Developer TODO: Provide a list of config options accepted by the tap.

A full list of supported settings and capabilities for this tap is available by running:

tap-procore --about

Source Authentication and Authorization

  • Developer TODO: If your tap requires special access on the source system, or any special authentication requirements, provide those here.


You can easily run tap-procore by itself or in a pipeline using Meltano.

Executing the Tap Directly

tap-procore --version
tap-procore --help
tap-procore --config CONFIG --discover > ./catalog.json

Developer Resources

  • Developer TODO: As a first step, scan the entire project for the text "TODO:" and complete any recommended steps, deleting the "TODO" references once completed.

Initialize your Development Environment

pipx install poetry
poetry install

Create and Run Tests

Create tests within the tap_procore/tests subfolder and then run:

poetry run pytest

You can also test the tap-procore CLI interface directly using poetry run:

poetry run tap-procore --help

Testing with Meltano

Note: This tap will work in any Singer environment and does not require Meltano. Examples here are for convenience and to streamline end-to-end orchestration scenarios.

Your project comes with a custom meltano.yml project file already created. Open the meltano.yml and follow any "TODO" items listed in the file.

Next, install Meltano (if you haven't already) and any needed plugins:

# Install meltano
pipx install meltano
# Initialize meltano within this directory
cd tap-procore
meltano install

Now you can test and orchestrate using Meltano:

# Test invocation:
meltano invoke tap-procore --version
# OR run a test `elt` pipeline:
meltano etl tap-procore target-jsonl

Singer SDK Dev Guide

See the dev guide for more instructions on how to use the Singer SDK to develop your own taps and targets.