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RWD Wireframes was created for designers who want to make responsive web design wireframe quickly and be able to share with others easily.

You can find the live application at www.lifeishao.com/rwdwire .

Install Note

RWD Wireframes application has a client side and server side component. This repo is the client side code. You'll find the server side code by searching "rwdwire-server".

The client side is functional by itself, it just won't have the login, register, and save functionality.

The main application is mainly located in public/js. The Entry point is main.js.

After you clone the repo, you will need bower to install the dependencies.

You'll need to create a facebook.js file in public/js/. You can read about facebook SDK. facebook.js is the initialization code.


  1. Convert Server from Codeigniter to Laravel 4
  2. Better testing
  3. Better, persistent authentication