Nomadic is an open source system to let you gather information with your community.
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Nomadic is an open source system to let you gather information with your community.

You can collect information, write reviews, leave comments, and add tags on certain topics.

Currently support list mode, map mode. Features include reviewing/editing/commenting/check-ins/tagging.

Read this in other languages: English, 中文.


Cafe Nomad - 2,200+ best cafes to work in Taiwan

Cafe Nomad is a platform gathering information for 2,000+ coffee shops in Taiwan.

Users can find and contribute coffee shop information on Cafe Nomad.

Info Page


Install Nomadic with composer in the terminal

composer create-project howtomakeaturn/nomdic

Core Configuration

  • config/review-fields.php:Fields for reviewing

  • config/info-fields.php:Fields for editing. Supported types: string/radio buttons/select menu

  • config/nomadic.php:Other configuration settings

How to enable the map mode

  1. Set 'map-enabled' as true in 'config/nomadic.php'
  2. Go to Google Cloud Platform and generate a key, and then enable Google Maps JavaScript API and Google Maps Geocoding API
  3. Fill in google.key value in 'config/services.php'


Nomadic is developed under Laravel 5.3 and MySQL 5.5.

Currently only support user login with Facebook. You need to register a web app in Facebook developer platform and set up the client id/secret in .env file.

Setup the cronjob for Laravel Task Scheduling,

* * * * * php /path-to-your-project/artisan schedule:run >> /dev/null 2>&1


Nomadic Homepage


Nomadic List Page


Nomadic Map Page


Nomadic Entity Info Page

Info Page

Development Status

  1. Nomadic is currenly under beta phase. The system might not be stable and has many issues.

  2. The source code is extracted from another project 'Cafe Nomad', so some redundant code and weird naming exist in the codebase. Will refactor them in the following releases.


Licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 2.0 or later.