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Testy monitors a directory for changed files and will run the appropriate test or command (e.g. php-codesniffer, lint, etc.).

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Testy - a continuous test-runner

Testy was created to assist in TDD, as well as to remind a lazy developer to use tests. Testy monitors a directory for changed files and will run the appropriate test.

Testy might be used, to execute an arbitrary command or application, e.g. php-codesniffer, php-hint, etc.


Example w/o File to Test-Mapping

"testy": {
    "path": "~/workspace/testy",
    "test": "phpunit",
    "test_dir": "~/workspace/testy;",
    "syntax": "php -l $file",
    "find": "*.php"

Example with File to Test-Mapping

"testy": {
    "path": "~/workspace/testy",
    "test": "phpunit $file {Testy|Tests} {.php|Test.php}",
    "test_dir": "~/workspace/testy;",
    "syntax": "php -l $file",
    "find": "*.php"

Example with File to Test-Mapping & Syncing

"testy": {
    "path": "~/workspace/testy",
    "test": "phpunit $file {Testy|Tests} {.php|Test.php}",
    "test_dir": "~/workspace/testy;",
    "sync_dir: {
        "from": ~/workspace/testy,
        "to":   ~/not-a-vdisk/testy,
    "syntax": "php -l $file",
    "find": "*.php"


  • path: The path that is checked for changed files
  • find: The find-pattern that is used to find changed files
  • syntax: Command to do a syntax-check (skips testing on error)
  • test_dir: The dir to cd in, before executing the test-command (which is also checked for changes)
  • sync_dir: rsync the project to this directory, replace all paths with 'to'
    • from: The source
    • to: The target
  • repeat: Repeat the test-command without the specific file (which is replaced by ''), default: true
  • test: The test to execute on changed files
    • placeholders:
    • $file Each file that changed
    • $project The projects name
    • $time The current timestmap
    • $mtime The modification's timestamp


Testy supports several ways to notify the developer about the result of the executed command:

  • Stdout, which simply prints the output
  • File
  • Dbus
  • Growl, which works well with snarl on windows
  • Libnotify, which used notify-send

Testy uses hpbuniat/notifyy.


Use the {Search|Replace}-Pattern, as often as needed, to map the Source-File to it's test. If all Search-Patterns are found within the changed-files path, it is assumed that this is a test file.


The dbus-notifier is based on the php dbus-extension ( by Derick Rethans

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