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Welcome to the HPCC Systems developer wiki!

Where to find help

If you are new to the HPCC-Platform sources, you can find help in the following locations:

  1. sourcedoc.xml / Community Wiki

    sourcedoc.xml is maintained with the sources in docbook format, and can optionally be built into html as part of the make process. It's somewhat of a work in progress at present.

    Our Community Wiki contains information for new and experienced users, guiding you to the information you need quickly. You can also find out how to get involved with our open source community.

  2. The #hpcc-dev channel on irc at irc.freenode.net or our Gitter rooms

    Developers will try to hang out there for general quick help on the hpcc sources.

  1. The HPCC Systems RedBook Wiki (https://wiki.hpccsystems.com/display/hpcc/HPCC+Systems+Red+Book)

    Find out about issues, workarounds and recommended usage information to help you make the transition between releases easier to manage.

  2. Contributions

    Fix an issue or submit a new feature/enhancement. See the list on the right for more information about building from the sources, checking in code etc.

  3. Our Community Forums

    Use our Community Forums to ask questions and/or post comments for us or make contact with other users who may have experienced similar issues or be working on similar or related projects.

  4. Create a JIRA issue

    If you find an issue and want to tell us about it, log the details using JIRA (our Community Issue Tracker) so we know it exists and can triage it.

  5. Training courses for the ECL language

    Sign up for an online training course. Our beginner courses which are free, are also a prerequisite for taking our more advanced courses.

  6. HPCC Systems Tech Talks / News and Events

    Our Tech Talks are broadcast once a month live and recordings of previous Tech Talks are also available. Hear our community users and developers talk about how they use HPCC Systems and the features available. A wide range of topics are discussed. If you have something to share with the rest of the community, submit a talk title and brief abstract to techtalks@hpccsystems.com.

    Read our News announcements and find out about Events we are hosting and/or attending.

  7. Read our Blog / Subscribe to our Developer Newsletter

    Find out about new releases, tips and tricks, how to use specific features, intern programs etc. Our Blog includes contributions from developers, community activists and contributors.

    Subscribe to our Developer Newsletter from our website.

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