Kubernetes Flexvolume Driver for Docker Volume Plugins
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Kubernetes Flexvolume Driver and StorageClass Provisioner for Docker Volume Plugins

Repository for Dory and Doryd: The FlexVolume driver and Dynamic Volume Provisioner for Kubernetes using any Docker Volume API compatible plugin. This is Open Source Software from HPE DEV.


Dory is a driver for the Kubernetes FlexVolume Volume type. This driver translates Flexvolume requests to Docker Volume Plugin requests. This allows the administrator to leverage existing legacy Docker Volume Plugins or existing managed Docker Volume Plugins in a Kubernetes cluster. Managed plugins require Docker 1.13. Dory provides the ability to 'just in time' provision storage as well as have the orchestrator automatically attach/mount and detach/unmount Persistent Volumes.


Doryd is a implementation of the Out-of-tree provisioner that dynamically provisions persistent storage using the Docker Volume Plugin API.


To better help end-users navigate around the storage landcape we've composed a page to help keep track of what Docker Volume plugins are known to work well and some record keeping on issues/gotchas with the specific plugin.


Why is the project called Dory? Because Dory speaks whale.

What about the Container Storage Interface? The CSI is certainly the future for container storage. Dory provides a stop gap while the CSI specification is ratified, orchestrators begin supporting it, and implementations begin to surface.


Thank you to Chakravarthy Nelluri for all his work on Flexvolume which has made this 'out of tree' work possible.

Thank you to Michael Mattsson, TME extraordinaire, for his help testing and for writing a blog post about what we were up to.


Dory and Doryd is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. Please see LICENSE for the full license text.