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3rdparty qcustomplot updated
agros2d-binary rid of settings
agros2d-forms/example removed pro files
agros2d-generator extFunction divided into parts (MSVS fix)
agros2d-library eggshell visualization (commented)
agros2d-remote tclap introduced (argument parser)
agros2d-solver added checkfornewversion to solver
cmake Fixes in CMake & x64 setup script.
debian launchpad trusty
hermes @ 40fde29 Fix the issue of triangle library malfunctioning on Windows 64bit - p…
pythonlab-binary tclap introduced (argument parser)
pythonlab-library Call cython as binary in CMake.
resources viscous and pressure force calculation
resources_source czech loc update
solver-external external solver matio -> bson
util fixed corrupted glyph (Qt5.2 and Ubuntu 14.04) => memory leak but mem…
.gitignore fix in plugins
.gitmodules ignore untracked files in hermes subrepository
AUTHORS added Denys to authors
CMakeHermes.cmake trilinos off
CMakeLists.txt openmp fix
CMakeQt.cmake Make Win64 build work directly from CMake. See README-WIN64.txt.
COPYING small fixes
INSTALL Update INSTALL - for CMake.
IncludeSubdirs.cmake implemented matio library for expert MATLAB binary mat files
QtHandling.cmake Finish with CMake for Win & polish - now Debug builds and runs on Win…
README-WIN64.txt Make Win64 build work directly from CMake. See README-WIN64.txt.
agros2d.cmd rename of build script for windows
agros2d.desktop linux install fixes
agros2d.iss iss assoc fixed
agros2d_x64.iss Fixes in CMake & x64 setup script. localization source update fixed


Agros2D - An application for solution of physical fields

Agros2D is a multiplatform application for the solution of physical problems based on the Hermes
library, developed by the group at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. Agros2D is distributed
under the GNU General Public License.

Supported Physical fields
- Electrostatics
- Electric Currents
- Magnetic field
- Heat Transfer
- Structural Mechanics
- Acoustics
- Incompressible Flow
- RF Field

Key Features
- Coupled field solution with the possibility of weak and hard coupling
- Newton and Picard solvers for nonlinear problems
- Steady state, harmonic, or transient analysis
- Automatic space (h, p and hp) and time adaptivity
- Triangle and quad meshing using Triangle or GMSH
- Curvilinear elements and arbitrary level hanging nodes
- Computing of the trajectory of charged particles in electromagnetic field
- intuitive and powerful preprocessor and postprocessor
- visualization of field variables, calculations of local values, sruface and volume integrals
- Object scripting using Python
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