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Flexible setup for writing a book as assembly of chapters written in DocOnce markup.
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The purpose of this repo is to describe how DocOnce can be used to write individual documents and assemble them into a book that can be published in various forms and formats. The goal is to lower the barrier for writing a book by starting out with separate shorter documents.

The documents can easily be published as classical LaTeX/PDF chapters, or online eversions with modern HTML designs, or blog posts where readers can discuss. The idea is to document once and have your writings in one and only one type of source files, and then automatically transform the information to a variety of formats.

Also for those with very specific plans of writing a book in DocOnce, following the structure and rules in this repo can be a good idea since it gives extra flexibility at no cost. For example, it becomes very easy to produce versions of the book or its chapters that are attractive for reading on a smart phone.

Get started

To use this setup, just clone the repository and you have the directory structure, the scripts, and example files to get started with a book project at once! The source files for this book (especially in doc/src/chapters/rules) constitute nice demonstrations for learning about basic and advanced DocOnce writing techniques.


Go to this repo's web page.

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