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Simple NETCONF/YANG example for how to get started using NETCONF/YANG for network configuration.
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NETCONF/YANG Quick Example

This repository is a simple example of a couple Python scripts that can be used to retrieve and set configuration information from an IOS XE device. This code is provided to accompany a blog on the same topic.

You can execute these scripts yourself by reserving a DevNet Sandbox (completely free) and following these steps.

  1. Clone the code and change to the clone directory.

    git clone
    cd netconf_yang_blog 
  2. Connect to the sandbox VPN using the credentials sent to you through email.

  3. (recommended) Create and activate a Python virtual environment.

  4. Install the Python requirements.

    pip install -r requirements.txt
  5. Get the configuration.

  6. Send the configuration.

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