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streamgraph is an htmlwidget for making, well, streamgraphs.


Sample Rmd

A streamgraph (or "stream graph") is a type of stacked area graph which is displaced around a central axis, resulting in a flowing, organic shape. Streamgraphs were developed by Lee Byron and popularized by their use in a February 2008 New York Times article on movie box office revenues. (Wikipedia)

The x axis values can be continous or dates.


  • Support is planned for xts objects, but not for a bit.
  • Support for categorical/discrete x axis

The following functions are implemented:

  • streamgraph : Create a new streamgraph
  • sg_axis_x : Modify streamgraph x axis formatting
  • sg_axis_y : Modify streamgraph y axis formatting
  • sg_colors : Modify streamgraph axis text, legend popup label text and tooltip text colors (NOTE: no longer modifies fill colors, use sg_fill_* for fill colors)
  • sg_legend : Add select menu "legend" to interactive streamgraphs
  • sg_fill_brewer : Specify a ColorBrewer palette to use for the stream fills
  • sg_fill_manual : Specify a manual color palette to use for the stream fills
  • sg_fill_tableau : Specify a Tableau color palette to use for the stream flls
  • sg_add_marker : Annotate streamgraph with vertical line and label
  • sg_annotate : Annotate streamgraph with a label


  • Version 0.8.1 released - ggplot2 movies fix; corrected numerous notes from CRAN check
  • Version 0.8 released - support for negative Y axis numbers and upgrade to latest D3
  • Version 0.7.5 released - key, value and date can be either bare or quoted
  • Version 0.7 released - New sg_add_marker and sg_annotation to enable annotation of streamgraphs
  • Version 0.6 released - New scale parameter to streamgraph lets you choose between continuous or date scales.
  • Version 0.5.1 released - sg_colors now has nothing to do with the stream fills but does set the axis text, legend popup label text and tooltip text.
  • Version 0.5 released - deprecated use of sg_colors. Its functionality will change soon and is replaced by three sg_fill_* functions (brewer, manual and tableau) which makes more sense, is aligned to the ggplot2 way of specifying fill aesthetics and now makes it easier to highly customize the streamgraph appearance.
  • Versioin 0.4.2 released - fixed bug (thanks to teammate @bhaskarvk) that causes inconsistent color rendering for each area component (noticeable on resize of flexible width/height graphs)
  • Version 0.4.1 released - removed warning message when supplying POSIXct values (remember, POSIXct still only works for granularities >= 1 day)
  • Version 0.4 released - select menu "legend" (interactive only)
  • Version 0.3.1 released - bug fix to fix error with d3.stack; streamgraph will now see if the date input is a year and automatically convert it to the necessary format (no need to use as.Date)
  • Version 0.3 released - folks can have some fun with new offset and interpolate parameters to streamgraph
  • Version 0.2.2 relased - rly rly rly fixed tooltips now, also assed ability to format y axis text
  • Version 0.2.1 released - ok, working tool tips for realz now
  • Version 0.2 released - working SVG tooltips; general code cleanup
  • Version 0.1 released





# current verison


ggplot2movies::movies %>%
  select(year, Action, Animation, Comedy, Drama, Documentary, Romance, Short) %>%
  tidyr::gather(genre, value, -year) %>%
  group_by(year, genre) %>%
  tally(wt=value) -> dat

streamgraph(dat, "genre", "n", "year", interactive=TRUE) %>%
  sg_axis_x(20, "year", "%Y") %>%

Please note that this project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.