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Disable or enable runit services with style
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sv-disable / sv-enable / sv-mgr

Easily enable or disable runit services.


sudo make install

This makes symlinks to the file in this repository. Use the DESTDIR var to change the install location as needed.


By its nature, runit is a set of very small tools; it doesn't do a lot of extra crap and I appreciate that. Some may feel it is a bit minimalistic, but I think that's a strong point.

One thing I find myself doing over and over again, is enabling or disabling services by making or removing symlinks. Easy enough, but it gets kind of old.

Inspired by this repetition, sv-disable, sv-enable, and sv-mgr were conceived to be used on a Void Linux setup but could work with any setup involving runit.

The idea is to have a nice-ish interface to disabling or enabling services:

➜ sudo sv-enable nginx
[  OK  ]  Enabling service: 'nginx'

➜ sudo sv-disable nginx
[  OK  ]  Disabling service: 'nginx'

➜ sudo sv-disable docker
[ FAIL ]  'docker' is not enabled!

in action


Not many: aside from disabling or enabling a service, listing of active services is available via sv-mgr.

In the future, it might be desirable to have the default directory values read from a config file.

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