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Benche formatter to output markdown
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Benchee formatter to output markdown. A very early beta version.


Add benchee_markdown to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

def deps do
  [{:benchee_markdown, "~> 0.1", only: :dev}]

Afterwards, run mix deps.get to install it.


Simply configure Benchee.Formatters.Markdown as one of the formatters for along with the file path you want the output to go.

list = Enum.to_list(1..10_000)
map_fun = fn i -> [i, i * i] end
    "flat_map" => fn -> Enum.flat_map(list, map_fun) end,
    "map.flatten" => fn -> list |> |> List.flatten() end
  formatters: [
    {Benchee.Formatters.Markdown, file: ""},

The sample defines both the standard console formatter and the markdown formatter, if you don't care about the console output you can just delete that line.


An example can been seen at examples/bench/basic.

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