Supplementary JSON support for Akka HTTP
Latest commit 05e3382 Jan 18, 2017 @cakper cakper committed with Update Circe to 0.7.0 (#118)


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akka-http-json provides JSON (un)marshalling support for Akka HTTP. It offers support for the following JSON libraries:


Grab it while it's hot:

// All releases including intermediate ones are published here,
// final ones are also published to Maven Central.
resolvers += Resolver.bintrayRepo("hseeberger", "maven")

libraryDependencies ++= List(
  "de.heikoseeberger" %% "akka-http-circe" % "1.11.0",


Mix ArgonautSupport, CirceSupport, JacksonSupport, Json4sSupport, PlayJsonSupport, UpickleSupport or into your Akka HTTP code which is supposed to (un)marshal from/to JSON. Don't forget to provide the type class instances for the respective JSON libraries, if needed.

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