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HSE School of Linguistics

National Research University Higher School of Economics - School of Linguistics

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  1. hseling-api-template hseling-api-template Public

    HSE Linguistics API Template

    Python 2 4

  2. hseling-api-direct-speech hseling-api-direct-speech Public

    HSE Linguistics API: Direct speech

    Python 1 2

  3. hseling-web-universal-dependencies hseling-web-universal-dependencies Public

    HSE Linguistics Web: Universal Dependencies

    JavaScript 1 1

  4. hseling-repo-judgment hseling-repo-judgment Public

    Python 1 4

  5. hseling-api-base hseling-api-base Public

    HSE Linguistics API Base Images

    Dockerfile 1

  6. hseling-api-nauchpop hseling-api-nauchpop Public

    HSE Linguistics API: NauchPop

    Python 5


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