Anki add-on for importing media files as notes
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Anki add-on for importing media files as new notes.

Link to add-on

This add-on will allow you to import media files into your Anki collection and use their file names as a component of the note. You can create cards that might look like this (using apple.jpg):


When the add-on is installed, a Media Import... option will be added to the Tools menu.


Selecting this menu item will open the Media Import window.


From this window, you are able to:

  • Browse and select which folder to use as the source of media files
  • Choose which note type to use for the imported notes
  • Decide what content to put into each of the fields

Here is a list of the content available to insert into fields. We will use an example file named apple.jpg.

  • Media - The media file itself (image or audio will appear on the card)
  • File Name - The name of the file without the extension (apple)
  • File Name (full) - The name of the file including the extention (apple.jpg)
  • Extension - Only the extension of the file (jpg)
  • Sequence - A number indicating the order in which the file was imported. If 15 files were imported, each file will contain a value starting from 0 to 14.

All new generated cards are added to a deck named MediaImport. This deck is created for you automatically if it doesn't exist.