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============================= README for HTACG GitHub Pages

This repository consists of the HTML Tidy Advocacy Group (HTACG) homepages.

For ease of maintenance by multiple contributors HTACG's GitHub pages take advantage of GitHub’s Jekyll integration. Therefor it is necessary to be slightly familiar with Jekyll and GitHub’s implementation of Jekyll in order to make changes to our sites.


Everything you need to know about Jekyll can be found on

About Github and HTACG Pages

The HTAGC group main project page is served from files located in It can be reached from or The latter is the standard means of accessing the project page, however the former works because we've set up a domain name and configured GitHub to use the domain name via the CNAME file in the repository.

HTACG Project pages are available as subdirectories of the HTACG domain, for example:

In general this is intuitive behaviour of GitHub pages but it can cause some issues with relative paths used for project web pages. For example:

The HTML-Tidy main project page is served from files located in It can be reached from, or as above, from

This is where resource paths can be an issue. Thus it's important to follow the advice given on Jekyll's site. This will ensure that resources such as stylesheets and images are served from the appropriate directory.

In summary use the site.baseurl variable as described in the linked document, and when performing local previewing start Jekyll's server with:

jekyll serve --baseurl ''


bundle exec jekyll serve --baseurl ''

Specifying the baseurl on the command line will override the base URL set in _config.yml.

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