Compiling on Windows

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Cloning the project

Make sure that when cloning the project you use git clone --recurse-submodules or run git submodule init and git submodule update to clone the iaito_win32 submodule.

Setting up Qt 5.6.2

It is advised to use Qt 5.6.2 to compile on Windows. Install one of the packages (MinGW or MSVC) before you start. If you want to use a different Qt version, make sure to change the commands below accordingly.

Building Iaito

There are two main methods to build Iaito. Choose the one you prefer.

Building with Qt Creator

See Adding Kits for documentation on how to setup Qt kits (this works for both MinGW and MSVC). Once you have set up a kit simply open, select a kit and compile.

Building with CMake

In the project root, run:

set CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=c:\Qt\qt-5.6.2-msvc2013-x86\5.6\msvc2013\lib\cmake
mkdir build-cmake
cd build-cmake
cmake-gui ../src

Click Configure and select Visual Studio 12 2013 from the list. After configuration is done, click Generate and you can open Iaito.sln to compile the code as usual.

Deploying/Running Iaito

These steps are required to get iaito.exe to run.

You can use the following commands to deploy a standalone version of Iaito for your friends (assuming you have copied iaito.exe to a new empty directory and opened a terminal there).

set PATH=%PATH%;c:\Qt\qt-5.6.2-msvc2013-x86\5.6\msvc2013\bin
windeployqt iaito.exe

After this you will need to add the following files next to iaito.exe (they can usually be found in your system directories, OpenSSL binaries can be found here):


After that you have to extract the recommended radare2 version ( in this directory so that you have iaito.exe and libr_core.dll next to each other.

Starting iaito.exe should open the GUI. Typing ?d call in the command bar should show you:

calls a subroutine, push eip into the stack (esp)

windows screenshot

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