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Awesome materials about database development.
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Awesome Database Development

Database development is fun :-)


Hard Disk


  • RAID

  • Coding for SSDs

    The basics of SSDs along with all of the recommended access patterns on how reads and writes should be implemented to get the best performance out of solid-state drives.

File System


  • The Google File System (2003)

    The Google File System, a scalable distributed file system for large distributed data-intensive applications.

Storage Engine



CAP Theorem

Consensus Algorithm


  • The Part-Time Parliament (1998)

    The Island of Paxos.

  • Paxos Made Simple (2001)

    The Paxos algorithm, when presented in plain English, is very simple.

  • Fast Paxos (2005)

    Fast Paxos is an extension of the classic Paxos algorithm that allows the value to be learned in two message delays.

  • Paxos Made Live - An Engineering Perspective (2007)

    We used the Paxos algorithm (“Paxos”) as the base for a framework that implements a fault-tolerant log. We then relied on that framework to build a fault-tolerant database.

  • There Is More Consensus in Egalitarian Parliaments (2013)

    Egalitarian Paxos is to our knowledge the first protocol requiring only a simple majority of replicas to be non-faulty, using a number of messages linear in the number of replicas to choose a command, and committing commands after just one communication round in the common case or after at most two rounds in any case.

  • In Search of an Understandable Consensus Algorithm (2014)

    Raft is a consensus algorithm for managing a replicated log. It produces a result equivalent to Paxos, and it is as efficient as Paxos.


Distributed Clock


Distributed Transaction


SQL Database



  • How does a relational database work

    Relational Databases are very interesting because they’re based on useful and reusable concepts. If understanding a database interests you but you’ve never had the time or the will to dig into this wide subject, you should like this article.

NoSQL Database


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