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CarrierWave for Aliyun OSS

This gem adds support for Aliyun OSS to CarrierWave

Gem Version build

NOTE: 此 Gem 是一个 CarrierWave 的组件,你需要配合 CarrierWave 一起使用,如果你需要直接用 Aliyun OSS,可以尝试用 aliyun-sdk 这个 Gem。

NOTE: This gem is a extends for CarrierWave for allow it support use Alicloud OSS as storage backend, if you wants use Alicloud OSS directly, please visit aliyun-sdk.

Using Bundler

gem 'carrierwave-aliyun'


You need a config/initializers/carrierwave.rb for initialize, and update your configurations:

CarrierWave.configure do |config|           = :aliyun
  config.aliyun_access_key_id  = "xxxxxx"
  config.aliyun_access_key_secret = 'xxxxxx'
  # 你需要在 Aliyun OSS 上面提前创建一个 Bucket
  # You must create a Bucket on Alicloud OSS first.
  config.aliyun_bucket     = "simple"
  # 是否使用内部连接,true - 使用 Aliyun 主机内部局域网的方式访问  false - 外部网络访问
  # When your app server wants deployment in Alicloud internal network, enable this option can speed up uploading by using internal networking. otherwice you must disable it.
  config.aliyun_internal   = true
  # 配置存储的地区数据中心,默认: "cn-hangzhou"
  # Which region of your Bucket.
  # config.aliyun_region     = "cn-hangzhou"
  # 使用自定义域名,设定此项,carrierwave 返回的 URL 将会用自定义域名
  # 自定义域名请 CNAME 到 (you_bucket_name 是你的 bucket 的名称)
  # aliyun_host allow you config a custom host for your Alicloud Bucket, and you also need config that on Alicloud.
  config.aliyun_host       = ""
  # Bucket 为私有读取请设置 true,默认 false,以便得到的 URL 是能带有 private 空间访问权限的逻辑
  # Tell SDK the privacy of you Bucket, if private CarrierWave xxx.url will generate URL with a expires parameter, default: :public.
  # config.aliyun_mode = :private

阿里云 OSS 图片缩略图 / About the image Thumb service for Alicloud OSS

NOTE: 此方法同样支持 Private 的 Bucket 哦!

NOTE: Private Bucket also support this feature!

关于阿里云 OSS 图片缩略图的详细文档,请仔细阅读: Aliyun OSS 接入图片服务

The details of the Alicoud OSS image thumb service, please visit Alicloud OSS - Image Processing / Resize images

irb> User.last.avatar.url(thumb: '?x-oss-process=image/resize,h_100')
irb> User.last.avatar.url(thumb: '?x-oss-process=image/resize,h_100,w_100')

增对文件设置 Content-Disposition / Customize the Content-Disposition

在文件上传的场景(非图片),你可能需要给上传的文件设置 Content-Disposition 以便于用户直接访问 URL 的时候能够用你期望的文件名或原文件名来下载并保存。

In some case, you may need change the Content-Disposition for your uploaded files for allow users visit URL with direct download, and get the original filename.

这个时候你需要给 Uploader 实现 content_disposition 函数,例如:

So, you need implement a content_disposition method for your CarrierWave Uploader, for example:

# app/uploaders/attachment_uploader.rb
class AttachmentUploader < CarrierWave::Uploader::Base
  def content_disposition
    # Only for non-image files
    unless jpeg gif png svg))


阿里云允许我们通过 的节点来实现全球的传输加速,如果你的需要在境外的服务器传输到国内,或许需要开启这个功能。

你只需要将 CarrierWave Aliyun 的 aliyun_region 配置为 accelerate 即可。

config.aliyun_region = "accelerate"


错误:OSS Transfer Acceleration is not configured on this bucket. 确保有开启 传输加速,进入 Bucket / 传输管理 / 传输加速 / 开启传输加速。

额外注意:Aliyun OSS 开启传输加速后需要 30 分钟内全网生效