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High performance real-time search (Support Chinese), indexes store in Redis for Rails application
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High performance real-time search (Support Chinese), index in Redis for Rails application



You can try the search feature in |

And there is an Example App to show you how to use redis-search.

Master Status

CI Status


  • Real-time search
  • High performance
  • Segment words search and prefix match search
  • Support match with alias
  • Support ActiveRecord and Mongoid
  • Sort results by one field
  • Homophone search, pinyin search
  • Search as pinyin first chars
  • Conditions support


  • Redis 2.2+


  1. In Rails application Gemfile

    gem 'ruby-pinyin'
    gem 'redis-search'
    $ bundle install


  • Create file in: config/initializers/redis_search.rb

    require "redis"
    require "redis-namespace"
    require "redis-search"
    # don't forget change namespace
    redis = => "",:port => "6379")
    # We suggest you use a special db in Redis, when you need to clear all data, you can use flushdb command to clear them.
    # Give a special namespace as prefix for Redis key, when your have more than one project used redis-search, this config will make them work fine.
    redis ="your_app_name:redis_search", :redis => redis)
    Redis::Search.configure do |config|
      config.redis = redis
      config.complete_max_length = 100
      config.pinyin_match = true
      # use rmmseg, true to disable it, it can save memroy
      config.disable_rmmseg = false


  • Bind Redis::Search callback event, it will to rebuild search indices when data create or update.

    class Post
      include Mongoid::Document
      include Redis::Search
      field :title
      field :body
      field :hits
      belongs_to :user
      belongs_to :category
      redis_search_index(:title_field => :title,
                         :score_field => :hits,
                         :condition_fields => [:user_id, :category_id],
                         :ext_fields => [:category_name])
      def category_name
    class User
      include Mongoid::Document
      include Redis::Search
      field :name
      field :alias_names, :type => Array
      field :tagline
      field :email
      field :followers_count
      redis_search_index(:title_field => :name,
                         :alias_field => :alias_names,
                         :prefix_index_enable => true,
                         :score_field => :followers_count,
                         :ext_fields => [:email,:tagline])
    class SearchController < ApplicationController
      # GET /searchs?q=title
      def index
        Redis::Search.query("Post", params[:q], :conditions => {:user_id => 12})
      # GET /search_users?q=j
      def search_users
        Redis::Search.complete("Post", params[:q], :conditions => {:user_id => 12, :category_id => 4})

Index data to Redis

Specify Model

Redis-Search index data to Redis from your model (pass name as CLASS environment variable).

$ rake redis_search:index:model CLASS='MyModel'

Customize the batch size:

$ rake redis_search:index:model CLASS='MyModel' BATCH=100

All Models

Redis-Search all index data to Redis from app/models (or use DIR environment variabl).

$ rake redis_search:index DIR=app/models

Customize the batch size:

$ rake redis_search:index DIR=app/models BATCH=100


Benchmark test

You can run the rake command (see Rakefile) to make test. There is my performance test result.


  • MIT
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