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A plugin pack of order-related linting rules for Stylelint. Every rule supports autofixing (stylelint --fix).


  1. If you haven't, install Stylelint:
npm install stylelint --save-dev
  1. Install stylelint-order:
npm install stylelint-order --save-dev


Add stylelint-order to your Stylelint config plugins array, then add rules you need to the rules list. All rules from stylelint-order need to be namespaced with order.

	"plugins": [
	"rules": {
		"order/order": [
		"order/properties-order": [



Every rule supports autofixing with stylelint --fix. postcss-sorting is used internally for order autofixing.

Automatic sorting has some limitations that are described for every rule, if any. Please, take a look at how comments are handled by postcss-sorting.

CSS-in-JS styles with template interpolation could be ignored by autofixing to avoid style corruption.

Autofixing in Less syntax may work but isn't officially supported.

Example configs

All these configs have properties-order configured with logical properties groups:


properties-order and properties-alphabetical-order code and README were based on the declaration-block-properties-order rule which was a core rule prior to Stylelint 8.0.0.