a featureful rails plugin leveraging the new kickass prawn library to produce compiled pdf views
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Prawnto (prawnto_2)

A rails plugin providing templating abilities for generating pdf files leveraging the new kick-ass prawn library (prawn.majesticseacreature.com/)

This is my attempt to merge the various forks of the prawnto gem, and update it for Rails 3.1. I want to thank the many developers who's code I collected together for the gem. Main credit goes to the developer of the initial Prawnto plugin - smecsia.

Note: It has not been tested with earlier versions of Rails.

Installation in Rails 3.1

In your Gemfile:

gem "prawnto_2", :require => "prawnto"

Then run:

bundle install

Now make a view:

<action name>.pdf.prawnto


Please check out the wiki for usage details.

In the meantime you can read the original (slightly out of date) documentation/demos at: cracklabs.com/prawnto

Contributing & Reporting Issues

While I can't promise the most speedy response, I do plan to continue to maintain this gem. Please feel free to report any issues, provide feedback, or make suggestions on the Issue Tracker

Copyright on Updates - Copyright © 2011 OctopusApp Inc. (getjobber.com), released under the MIT license

Original Copyright - Copyright © 2008 cracklabs.com, released under the MIT license