A script for de-duping your Pocket account
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pickpocket is a Python script to find and remove duplicates in your Pocket account.

Before you run the script

Make sure you've installed Python 3. This is not installed on MacOS by default: MacOS comes with Python 2. The easiest way to install and use Python 3 on Mac is to use Homebrew.

Read through the script - it includes lots of comments on what each step is doing.

You need to create an app in your Pocket account:

  • log in
  • go to https://getpocket.com/developer
  • click CREATE NEW APP
  • enter a name and description
  • give it 'modify' and 'retrieve' permissions
  • click 'Desktop - other' as the platform
  • accept the Terms of Service

Now paste your app's 'consumer key' at line 50 of the script.


  • You will need to install the requests library from the command line with pip install requests or, if you installed Python3 using Homebrew you might need to use pip3 install requests instead
  • Run the script with python3 pickpocket.py
  • If you type anything other than as directed at the prompt ('done' and 'delete') the script will exit. This is a failsafe allowing you to back out before it deletes things.

Bugs and suggestions

If you find a bug or have a suggestion for improvement, please log an issue.


GPL 3.0+