A small module for handling animation frames in smaller, stackable pieces.
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talkie experimental

A small module for handling animation frames in smaller, stackable pieces.

This has been extracted from mrdoob's frame.js so that it can be used in isolation - there's also been a few API changes.



timeline = require('talkie')()

Creates a new timeline.

section = timeline.between(start, end)

Creates a new section that is active between times start and end. Note that times are agnostic, as long as you're consistent you could use milliseconds, seconds, days, months, years, etc.

section.on('start', handler)

Called when a section becomes active.

section.on('end', handler)

Called when a section stops being active.

section.on('data', handler(t))

Called each step that the section is active - t is the fraction of its duration that has passed, i.e. how far it is between start and end, and will always be between 0 and 1.


Sets the timeline to the point at time - updating all of the associated sections as a result.


var talkie = require('talkie')()

// t is a value between 0 and 1
talkie.between(0, 1000)
  .on('start', function(t) {})
  .on('end', function(t) {})
  .on('data', function(t) {
    console.log(t * 100 + '!')

talkie.step(50)   // 5!
talkie.step(250)  // 25!
talkie.step(905)  // 90.5!
talkie.step(1100) //


MIT. See LICENSE.md for details.