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Binary Ninja plugin to decompile binaries using RetDec API
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Before installing, be aware that RetDec online API is being discontinued, so the plugin may not work.

RetDec Decompiler (v0.1)

Author: hugsy

Binary Ninja plugin to decompile binaries using RetDec API.


This plugin aims to bind together Binary Ninja disassembly with the Retargetable Decompiler (RetDec - to decompile binary files, functions, or even byte range into pseudo-C code. This script also improves the result from RetDec by augmenting the pseudo C code with the symbol names found (or created) within the Binary Ninja session.


RetDec does not support yet 64 bit binaries, but can decompile Intel x86, ARM, ARM+Thumb, MIPS, PIC32, PowerPC, on any of the following format: ELF, PE, COFF, AR (archive), Intel HEX.

Minimum Version

This plugin requires the following minimum version of Binary Ninja:

  • dev -
  • release - 9999

Required Dependencies

The following dependencies are required for this plugin:

  • pip - requests
  • pip - Pygments


Simply run

$ git clone ~/.binaryninja/plugins/binja-retdec

And start decompiling with Binary Ninja.


This plugin is released under a MIT license.

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