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💾 The challenge to build a site that works on IE3 but progressively enhanced for modern browsers as well
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The IE3 challenge

This project stemmed from a random idea with my fellow retro-computing enthusiast, co-organiser of Hackware, and total not-web developer, Kheng Meng. He is a hardware guy, and not a web developer, which makes this all the more fun.

The idea is Kheng Meng will work on having a computer running Windows 3.1, not some emulator crap but an actual real copy, with Internet Explorer 3 installed.

And I will work on building a site that displays properly on IE3, but is also progressively enhanced for modern browsers. Plus an additional challenge of not testing on the machine itself before presenting at Talk.CSS #39.

It will either be spectacular or fail spectacularly. And this is the source code for all of it.

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