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humanpredictions diversity initiative

We have decided to create this project to manage this growing list of amazing groups, organizations, resources, etc. The point of creating this open source project is to allow anyone interested in this information to have access to it, track the evolution and growth of the lists, as well as have the opportunity and ability to contribute to the lists and/or the overall project/mission.

As a product that has a diversity search feature, we are also releasing the logic behind the search in hopes that people who know more about diversity recruiting can give us feedback/ideas as to how we can improve moving forward. We by no means think our search is perfect or all encompassing, but we are hopeful that by being transparent about how it works, we can get feedback from people who care about diversity and are smarter than us to continue to improve it.

In addition to the growing list of groups, organizations and resources we will Also be creating a library of free boolean search strings which may be used to help discover diverse groups of people who are publicly active on sites like meetup or share pronouns and other information identifying them as an ally on public sites.


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