Parallel k-core Decomposition on Multicore Platforms
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A parallel k-core decomposition (PKC) algorithm on Multicore Platforms for large sparse graphs.

Compiling the program:

$ cd /PKC/
$ make 
By default, gcc compiler is used. Intel's icc compiler can also be used. To use icc, please change the Makefile 
to include -openmp flag.

Input Format:

The input to the program is a text file. The file should contain an undirected graph and vertex should start
from 0. The first line contains the number of vertices(N) and number of edges(M). Next M lines contain the M
edges. Please check the example.txt file for an example graph.


The program can be executed using the following command:
$ OMP_NUM_THREADS=p ./pkc.exe graph.txt

where, p is the number of threads used and graph.txt is a file containing a sparse graph. By default the number
of threads is 1.

Citing PKC:

If you use PKC, please cite our paper:

H. Kabir and K. Madduri, "Parallel k-core Decomposition on Multicore Platforms," in The 2nd IEEE Workshop on
Parallel and Distributed Processing for Computational Social Systems (ParSocial 2017), June 2017, to appear.


Please email Humayun Kabir ( and Kamesh Madduri (