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Customizable, monochromatic and minimalist hugo theme for personal blogs.

Installation (with git)

To install colordrop theme using git you first must ensure your blog folder is already a git repository:

git init

Then add it as submodule of your repository:

git submodule add themes/colordrop

And add this configuration to your blog config.

  • yaml:
theme: colordrop
  • toml:
theme = "colordrop"

Version pinning

You can pin a version of the theme by checking to a version tag:

cd themes/colordrop
git checkout v1.5.0
cd ../..
git commit -m "Pinning theme to version 1.5.0"

Installation (without git)

You just need to download it at the version you want from the release page and extract it to the themes folder of your blog making sure it has the following structure:

└── themes
    └── colordrop

And add this configuration to your blog config.

  • yaml:
theme: colordrop
  • toml:
theme = "colordrop"

Customize Colors

The theme colors can be customized by changing the themeColor and themeInverseColor variables at params.

  • yaml:
  themeColor: "#000000"
  themeInverseColor: "#ffffff"
  • toml:
themeColor = "#000000"
themeInverseColor = "#ffffff"

theme colors image

Home page and Logo

The website logo can be set with the variable siteLogo while the variable description will be the displayed at the website home page.

  • yaml:
  description: Welcome to my blog...
  siteLogo: "logo-photo.png"
  • toml:
description = "Welcome to my blog..."
siteLogo = "logo-photo.png"

Custom CSS

You can load your custom CSS files by adding them under the static folder, e.g. static/css/custom.css and then defining the parameters as a list.

  • yaml:
  custom_css: ["css/custom.css"]
  • toml:
custom_css = ["css/custom.css"]

Website Example

You check my blog to see the theme fully running.

theme image

Obs: This theme uses pipes to compile sass so you'll have to use hugo extensions.