Patch for Cmus to integrate audioscrobbling capability
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C* Music Player Audioscrobbler/ patch

Frank Terbeck wrote a patch for cmus that adds support for Audioscrobbler/, then it was taken up by Clay Barnes for a time, with the hopes of importing it into mainline. This never happened and it once again fell by the wayside. I have updated it for my own use, and uploaded it to github in the hopes that it may one day make it to cmus mainline.


Get a current copy of the cmus git repository to patch:

git clone git:// && cd cmus

Patch the cmus tree:

patch < ../cmus-audioscrobbler/cmus-as.patch

The build / install cmus as usual:

./configure && make && su -c 'make install'


It's pretty simple. Just add these lines to your ~/.cmus/rc file:

set as_enable=true
set as_user=(Your Username)
set as_pass=(Your Password)

Alternatively, just type them as ":set" commands in cmus.

Toggling listening statistics reporting off/on is accomplished by ":set as_enable=false"/"set as_enable=true" respectively.