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Distribution: hunspell-1.7.0.tar.gz

tar xvzf hunspell-1.7.0.tar.gz
cd hunspell-1.7.0
autoreconf -vfi
sudo make install
hunspell -d en_US -l file.txt webpage.html document.odt

Manual pages

Command line hunspell: hunspell1.pdf
Hunspell library: hunspell3.pdf
File formats: hunspell5.pdf

Conference presentation

LibreOffice language technology – News & Best practices by László Németh, Tirana, 2018

Release notes

New features and bug fixes by László Németh, supported by Foundation:

  • No annoying suggestion times any more, especially in languages with
    compound word handling and complex morphology. By adding balanced
    multi-level time limits, now the guaranteed suggestion time is there
    within half a second, not seconds (nor dozen of seconds or more
    in extreme cases) for longer misspellings, too.

  • add SPELLML support for run-time dictionary extension with optional
    affixation of user words. See new "Grammar By" feature of
    language-specific user dictionaries of LibreOffice 6.0:


    Screencast with English example:

    Screencast with German example:

  • Improved, highly customizable suggestions on level of dictionary words:
    Pronunciations and typical misspellings defined by optional "ph:" fields of
    the dictionary words are used not only in n-gram suggestions, but as
    elements of the REP replacement list getting the highest priority in normal
    suggestions, also giving the best suggestions for short words, too.
    More information: see "ph:" in man 5 hunspell.

  • Handling multiple word suggestions is much more easier. Like in a
    traditional spelling dictionary, for example, to get the correct suggestion
    "a lot" for the typical misspelling "alot" at the first place, now it's
    enough to put the following line to the dic(tionary) file:

    a lot
  • Limit compound overgeneration by dictionary based word pairs:
    Now it's possible to filter bad compound words by listing
    the correct word pairs with space in the dictionary, as in a traditional
    spelling dictionary.

  • clean-up suggestion:

    • no n-gram and compound word suggestions, if "good" suggestion
      exists, ie. uppercase, REP, ph: or dictionary word pair suggestions

    • word pairs are always suggested, if they exist in the dic file

    • word pairs have top priority in suggestions, and
      these are the only suggestions if there is no other good suggestion.

    • also dictionary word pairs separated by dash instead of space
      are handled specially in two-word suggestion (depending from the

  • limit bad suggestions by improved n-gram suggestion rules:

    don't suggest capitalized dictionary words for lower
    case misspellings in n-gram suggestions, except

    • PHONE usage, or
    • in the case of German, where not only proper
      nouns are capitalized, or
    • the capitalized word has special pronunciation

    and don't suggest if the difference of lengths of misspellings and
    suggestions is 5 or more characters.

  • Extend dotless i and dotted I rules to Crimean Tatar language
    Allow dotted I in dictionary, and disable bad capitalization of i.

  • BREAK: extended recursive word breaking algorithm to handle words or
    words with suffixes when they already contain word break characters,
    for example, "e-mail" is a dictionary word with a word break character, and
    it wasn't accepted before in compounds in some languages.

  • FORBIDDENWORD precedes BREAK: Now it's possible to forbid compound
    forms recognized by BREAK word breaking by adding the bad compounds to
    the dictionary with FORBIDDENWORD flags.

  • lower limit for "doubletwochars" suggestion algorithm:
    one of the typical misspellings recognized by Hunspell suggestion
    mechanism is the syllable duplication. Along the old pattern
    ABABA -> ABA, for example nutrITITIon -> nutrITIon, now also the
    simpler ABAB -> AB pattern is recognized in non-starting position,
    for example, regretTETEd -> regretTEd.

  • lower limit for longswapchar and movechar: recognized only max.
    4-character distances to avoid slow and bad suggestions.

  • fix compound handling for new Hungarian orthography reform

  • Allow suggestion search for prefix + two suffixes:
    Remove artificial performance limit to get correct
    suggestions for relatively simple misspellings in
    Hungarian, etc., when the word form contains prefix
    and both derivative and inflectional suffixes, too:

    lefikszálása -> lefixálása

Improvements for command-line Hunspell:

  • Remove false alarms during checking OpenDocument (ODF)
    documents by ignoring <text:span> elements. (LibreOffice
    creates a lot of <text:span> elements also within words
    during text reediting, resulted often huge amount of broken
    words before this fix.)

  • List filenames during filtering multiple files in command-line:


    $ hunspell -l *.odt
    a.odt: mispelling
    b.odt: egzample

    $ hunspell -l -G *.odt
    a.odt: good
    b.odt: words
  • Dictionary search by option -D doesn't wait for the standard input
    (fixed by Siva Mahadevan)

Other improvements:

  • makealias dictionary compression: add option --minimize-diff
    to reuse free positions of alias lists to create minimal and
    readable diffs for alias compressed dictionaries stored in
    revision control systems, as dictionaries of LibreOffice.

  • Brazilian-Portuguese translation by Rafael Fontenelle

  • Catalan translation by robert dot buj at gmail

  • Minor bug fixes by several contributors, see git log